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AUSEK LIMITED was founded on 8th August 2008

times   2008-08-28

I am so excited to announce that AUSEK LIMITED was founded! On 8th August 2008 at 20:00 China Standard Time, as the number 8 is considered to be auspicious.The number 8 is associated with prosperity and confidence in Chinese culture.So we make it happen in that time. It is also the same time when the 2008 Summer Olympics opening ceremony was held at the Beijing the Bird's Nest.



At the second day when AUSEK LIMITED was founded,we settled the company's development goals, markets & clients, product categories as below:


AUSEK’s development goals:Be the most-excellent source provider in the world.Such as Russia,Poland,France,Spain,Czech,USA,Canada etc


AUSEK’s markets &clients: Distributors, supermarkets,Trading company etc from all over the world


AUSEK’s product catelogues:Products on Imaging ,audio,video,such as , dashcam, earphones, etc.


In the coming 5 months, we will continuously to establish R&D,QC,Assembly production department.

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