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Car black box with lane departure warning function

times   2012-05-11

Recently, there is a very hot video on the website that a female driver changed lanes and was beaten by the man,which attracting everyone's attention.

car accident
First of all, I would like to express sympathy for the female driver, it is really unfortunate was labeled as such ; then,  thankful her good luck, thanks to her change lanes that do not lead to car accidents, neither let the car accident, nor the innocent passers-by, otherwise the consequences could be disastrous.
This event remind of all the drivers should not arbitrarily change lanes, our company has a car black box with lane departure warning function(LDW).When the vehicle deviates from the original lane, it will sound the alarm to remind drivers of keeping the right lanes.That’s make sense .

 lane departure warming function

Car black box is a necessary and important tool for car security .In Russia , every car must install the car black box .The function of them are deffer from each other except the basic ones.Some are with lane departure warming function (LDW) in the car,others are with GPS logger function etc.Technology make life become more and more convenient , and make sure our life more Safe.

Now we have a latest car dvr AK-L2. Not only it is addition to having the general function of vehicle traveling date recorder, but also it is of lane departure warming function(LDW).Now AK-L2 is our hot selling model with competitive price. If you want to see more details, please visit our product.

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