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4 steps to connect Action Camera to your mobile phone

times   2019-05-09

First step: download and install the APP

You have to download a mobile APP that matches your own Action Camera before you connect the Action camera with your own Mobile Phone.

No matter what brand of camera you use, whether the mobile phone is Android or Appleā€™s iOS system, as long as the action camera have wifi function, you can find the app to the camera on the Internet.

Second step: turn on the WiFi function

After download and install the APP, the WiFi function of the camera should be turned on first. When WiFi is enabled, the camera will go to the hotspot matching page, on which you can see the hotspot name of the action camera.

Third step: search and connect the hotspot

Turn on the WiFi function of the mobile phone to search for the hotspot, and you can connect.

Once the connection is established, you can open the application on your phone.

Final step: take pictures or videos

Finally, WiFi can be connected to take pictures or videos with the action camera.

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