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Dash Cam Related Questions

times   2019-05-28

Q1: What about the battery of dash cam?

A1: Dash cam with built-in polymer lithium battery, not only can be charged by car charger but also charged by the mobile charger, power bank.

Dashcam’s battery capacity is usually 80-300mAh.

Dashcam needs to be charged at least once every 3 months.


Q2: Why dashcam has only 1 year of service life?


* The battery has been constantly charging and discharging and severely aging, just like the situation as the iPhone used for 2 years.

* Lithium battery working temperature is -10 to 40 degrees centigrade, battery attenuation while meeting high temperature in summer.

* Battery can be used in high-temperature, but will not discharge in low temperature, and will affect the functions of dash cam.


Q3: How to check the videos from dash cam?


Method 1: Memory card with card reader connects to computer, copy videos to computer, check the videos.

Method 2: For WIFI dash cam, connect mobile device with dash cam through specific App, can check videos directly on App, also can save on mobile devices.


Q4: To check, download, replay videos on the App, will it consume traffic?

A4: No

Because the internet connection to mobile phones and dash cam is peer-to-peer and private, using WI-Direct technology is 60 times faster than Bluetooth, rather than 2/3/4G internet, so it doesn't consume traffic.

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